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21 Jun

Emily’s sweet boots used to be her moms!



21 Jun

I was going through some photos from last summer and I found one I had long forgotten! This is my beautiful nephew Evan being his normal, silly self!

Kennedy’s First Birthday Party

21 Jun

Kennedy’s awesome mom decked the day out with rainbows! It was seriously the coolest birthday party I’ve ever been to and I think it was the little babe’s first time eating a fat slice of cake. Adorable!


21 Jun

And here’s Hazel hamming it up for the camera like a pro!


21 Jun

This baby is a serious adventurer. Ramona the unstoppable! Mountains will crumble at her feet someday.


21 Jun

This baby had the coolest shoes! She was really amazing to hang out with for the morning at Freeway Park in downtown Seattle. Here are my favorite shots: